Counselling for Couples & Families

Self-awareness and good communication build happier relationships

I meet with couples at many turning points.  Whether you’re entering into a new relationship, seeking to revitalize a long-term partnership, or navigating a break-up, couples counselling can help you to engage one another with greater clarity and intention.

When working with couples, my aim is to provide a neutral, supportive space where you can explore new ways of communicating and being with each other.

In couples counselling, we work to:

  • Learn concrete skills to “take home,” such as active listening, reframing, assertiveness, and setting boundaries;
  • Build self-awareness and personal responsibility;
  • Cultivate safety with one another to allow intimacy to grow;
  • Work through a specific issue, such as infidelity, jealousy, or a co-parenting conflict;
  • Major transitions, such as divorce, a partner coming out, or gender transitioning.

Families come in all shapes and sizes.  I also work with couples who have, or are planning to have, children, particularly in the LGBTQ community.  We can discuss:

  • Your unique path to conception;
  • Parenting and family agreements;
  • Constructive co-parenting strategies.

Contact me for a free phone consultation, to discuss your questions and counselling goals, and see if we’re a good fit.

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