Anna Richards Counselling & Consulting

I work as a counsellor and consulant in downtown Vancouver focusing on Relationships; Healing Trauma; Personal Empowerment; Couples therapy; LGBTQ issues; and Conflict Coaching.

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Counselling for Individuals

Relationships; Healing Trauma; Self Acceptance; Personal empowerment; Couples therapy; LGBTQ identity


Counselling for Couples & Families

Relationship Skills; Compassionate Parenting; Working Through Separation and Loss; Maintaining Sexual Contact


Workplace Consulting

Team building workshops; Conflict Coaching; Leadership Skills; Effective Communication


Individuals come to counselling for many reasons – conflict in a relationship, work stress, anxiety, or simply “feeling stuck.”  I provide a safe space where you can slow down, reflect on where your choices have been limited and, ultimately, move forward with greater freedom.

My practice focuses on: Relationships; Personal Empowerment and LGBTQ issues.  Read more…

I meet with couples at many turning points in their relationships.  I provide a neutral, supportive space where you can explore new ways of communicating and being with each other.

I also work with LGBTQ families to discuss conception options and parenting agreements.  Read more…

I offer team-building and emotional intelligence workshops for organizations, and conduct conflict resolution mediations.

I am a trained mediator, and hold a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.  Read more…

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Anna Richards

is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).


Phone:  604.317.5781


Address:  Ste 1500, 800 W Pender St Vancouver, BC  V6C 1J8